Your step into a healthy future

The 3-step mobility program

1. Just step in

With the stapp one sensor sole and the smart app, you can begin a state-of-the-art exercise program and make an important contribution to your well-being with every step.

2. Analyze precisely

The stapp one app records your transaction data. With the stapp one diagnostic software physicians, doctors and physiotherapists can precisely analyze your movement behavior and create an individual movement profile.

3. Move optimally

Personalized therapies can be prescribed with these diagnoses. Even more, you can use the continuously collected movement data to check the quantity and quality of your daily movement.  In this way, you optimize your individual movement behavior.


5 reasons to take your health into your hands

1. Real long-term measurements form the basis for individual tips for your well-being

2. Symmetry index and foot pressure display simplify the control of your musculoskeletal system

3. Real-time biofeedback based on your movement profile increases your motivation

4. Quantitative and qualitative movement data increase your body awareness

5. Easy to use thanks to a fully integrated and wireless system

“Long-term measurements of physical activity and quality of movement, including gait symmetry, under real conditions offer unimagined possibilities. In the field of rehabilitation but also prevention in private life of patients telemedicine care plays an increasingly important role!”


Univ. Prof. Dr. Thomas Bochdansky

Specialist in Physical Medicine and General Rehabilitation, Physical Sports Medicine Feldkirch/Austria

Stay motivated, move more

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