Our foot -
the foundation
of our health

Our feet play a central role in the musculoskeletal of our body. The foot has a great influence on the position and function of knee and hip joint through its connection to the ankle and calf bone. 

A balanced load on the foot is also a prerequisite for a physiologically correct and therefore healthy stress on the spine. It protects against overloading and unilateral wear of the joints.

Feel good again with precise feedback
The stapp one sensor sole can be used in most comfortable shoes and easy to wear in everyday life. It records valuable long-term movement data, which you can read at any time on the stapp one app.

Based on your movement profile, you will receive individual tips to optimize your movement behavior.

In conjunction with the stapp one diagnostic software, which we provide to physicians and physiotherapists, foot syndrome can be used, among other things, to analyze your gait symmetry and to create your individual movement profile.

It gives you expert feedback on how you’re moving and keeps track of your progress as you go.

Stay healthy with every step

With stapp one, you can conveniently read your movement data from your mobile phone every day and improve your movement processes with the help of doctors and physiotherapists. Besides this quantitative analysis – e.g. How many steps you take each day – you also receive qualitative evaluations.

In addition, the stapp one app will provide you with individual exercise tips based on your physical activity and will motivate you to move healthier.

New ways in therapeutic treatment

Just give your doctor or physiotherapist access to your real data. Simple reports of your gait symmetry and foot pressure load can be determined in this way. This gives you precise feedback from an expert and targeted therapy tailored to your needs.

Stay motivated, move more

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