The mobility program
for your patients

With stapp one, Doctors and physiotherapists can now introduce to their health care facilities completely new ways to perform diagnostics. For the first time, the gait symmetry of your patients is recorded under real conditions over a period of days and documented digitally with the help of scientifically founded movement tests. All without elaborate equipment!

Without affecting your patient’s movement, specific parameters are collected and compared with reference values.

Clear reports make it possible for you to recognize deficits in the functional musculoskeletal system and to control the course of therapy. This will allow you to offer your patients a completely new health program.

In addition, our diagnostic software offers the possibility to synchronize a video with the dynamic foot pressure analysis. Your patients benefit from vivid detailed analyzes with which they can follow their healing process transparently.


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Using stapp one for rehabilitation


We offer an all-in-one set for health facilities. This includes twelve pairs of sensor soles and covers the shoe sizes 36 – 47. Thanks to the integrated charging station, all soles are conveniently synchronously charged in the case. The set also includes the diagnostic software and a tablet for easy mobile use.

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